Test Rigs

R & D and Production Test Machines

  • Pumps – Fuel, Oil, Water
  • Gear Boxes – Auto/Manual
  • Drive Shafts and Brakes
  • Camshaft Assemblies
  • Valve Drives
  • Belt and FEAD Systems
  • Variable and Fixed Geometry Turbo
  • Electronic Throttle Bodies
  • EEGR
Full Manual or Auto Mode of operation with multi-channel Data Logging to 100kHz. The system will enable you to maximise your efficiency whilst giving assurance that your quality is being tested to the highest level. Interfacing is reduced to a minimum; data logging and test data is produced automatically.

In either mode load can be applied to measure your production under rigid test environment conditions.

The SpinTest©™ Control System is built specifically to meet the needs of testing in today’s fast moving environment, allowing you to maximise your time on test through the ease of setting and test configurations.

The system tool kit includes channel configuration, test sequence, data logging, analysis and many other functions.

All channels have four position alarm conditions to give high or low warnings and high or low shutdowns. Alarm events are stored and displayed with a toggle-through menu to see individual alarm events, or a clear all option to get straight back to test.

Shaft speed to 10,000 rpm as standard, in both directions with accuracy to 0.01% Measured channels include: Shaft speed, Pump speed, Power, Torque, Flow, Temperatures and Pressures Speed, Pressure and Temperature in closed loop control Test cycle configurable.

High speed data logging is automatically stored and filed against your test data header information for ease of recovery. Logging frequency 1 to 100,000 samples per second Real time generation of graphical information with user selected scaleable channels allows you to analyse your product as the test is in progress.

Torque Measurement

The in-line high resolution torque transducer combined with pressure measurement processed with high speed data acquisition allows for high precision measurement of torque to turn, running torque fluctuations, transient loading. These features combine for the Cold Testing of engines and engine sub assemblies such as camshafts and valve trains, crankshafts and oil pressure signatures.
Spin UK provides complete and tailor made ‘Automation and Control’ solutions. One of our specialist areas is providing complete turnkey facilities, or upgrade existing engine test facilities.