Spin Group Global

This company began in 1981, when 3 engineers with a passion for technology founded the first SPIN Group company in Barcelona. Since then, hundreds of customers have trusted SPIN with their automation and testing requirements

Through the years, SPIN Group have grown to become a global multinational; The SPIN Group are positioned to provide projects of any size based on the latest technology and with the same spirit of service


The main assets of SPIN are our people. With our experience, knowledge and relationships with our customers we have established a global presence with offices located in key regions servicing specific industries

We now utilise our satellite offices to enable SPIN group to complete projects across industry anywhere in the world


Founded 1999 – Experts in ICE Production Hot Test Facilities

We have now expanded our knowledge and expertise to include bespoke component test benches and facilities, Data Acquisition and Logging, Plant Condition Monitoring, Mechanical and Electrical design and manufacture


Founded 1981 – A leader in automation and control systems across industry

Providing solutions for Distributed Control Systems, Batch Processes, Control Architecture Design

Experts in PLC-SCADA-DCS, System Migrations and Upgrades and Central Control Rooms


Founded 2012 – We were awarded the contract for the control system integration at the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant

This led to the creation of Spin AU and we have continued to lead the field in providing cutting edge control systems for the water processing facilities across Australia and the rest of the world


Founded 2008 – After successfully completing a project for SGL Carbon (now SDK Carbon) in Spain, we were invited to install the automation and control system at a new facility they were building in Malaysia.

During the execution of this project, we saw the potential to expand our business within this developing economy and with the support of our existing customers we established an office and have completed many successful projects since.

Worldwide Projects