Eaton Hydraulics – Safety Guarding for Production and Development Test Rigs

Spin designed and manufactured multiple bespoke safety systems to provide machine guarding for existing various HIC, solenoid and cartridge production and development test rigs.  The guarding served to eliminate personnel exposure to high pressure hydraulic test circuits during production, component test and development engineering test processes.

All systems encompassed many key features including:


  • Front of machine easy access locking guard – horizontal or vertical movement
  • Rear of machine safe guarding doors and panels with safe monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring to ensure <100psi pressure prior to guard release with beacon indication
  • AC/DC power off interlocks for open guard status
  • Emergency stop interface to existing system controls

Machine Guarding Solutions

Guards produced to provide safety solutions including:

  • Sliding guard assemblies with Pilz safety locking and programmable safety relays
  • Fortress, key safe entry systems
  • Hydraulic circuit valve actuation and safe control
  • Safe access to plant room hydraulic power sources

Existing guards were also upgraded to include:


  • A safety monitoring switch to indicate the position with the main guard doors open. 
  • Visual beacon stack was upgraded to green/amber/red system to operate in conjunction with audible alarm for increased operator security.

Additional Safety Systems for Industrial Processes

Pump rooms were adapted for access with safe exchange keys, stopping access whilst pump room is active and restricted access to authorised personnel only.  All test rig and plant room safe entry systems included visual indication of safety status and safe entry conditions.


  • Machine to machine access doors
  • Safe room with safe exchange keys
  • Electrical power shut off to solenoid
  • Safety guard interlocks
  • Relocation of controls