Production Engine Testing and Quality Audit Testing

Our expertise is in providing test solutions for the production process.  Production Hot Test with or without dynamometers and   production quality audit.

The systems we offer are nearly always ‘Tailor Made’ to suit the specific requirements of our Customers needs.

Our systems provide easy to use solutions for minimum operator input, while offering comprehensive methods for ensuring productivity and quality are maintained to the highest level.


Test Cell Construction 

Below are a some of the options we have supplied and installed for our existing customers. 


Modular, can be easily moved to allow for plant expansion or relocation. Weather proof so can be located either internally or externally of existing facility

The main test, operator station and control suite are all housed within the container. Ventilation, air conditioning and exhaust are mounted on the exterior roof of the container

Picture – Automotive OEM in India


A permanent solution usually installed at the engine manufacturing facility

Operator and control station located exterior to the test area

Picture – Tier 1 automotive supplier UK 

Acoustic Panel Construction

Semi permanent option, can be installed without extensive civil works. Easily expandable and modifiable for futureproofing facilities

Picture – Automotive OEM Engine manufacturing facility in Germany

Engine Handling

As with the facility, there are also different options for the handling of the engine within the facilities.


Usually preferred for use on loaded production test cells. Added stability from additional clamping, hydraulic load and lock system NVH isolation  


Used to reduce TACT time, trolleys can be rigged and de-rigged prior and post test

Example test trolley cycle:

  • 1 x trolley in the pre-rig position
  • 1 x trolley on test
  • 1 x cool down / de-rigging

Engine Rigging

  • Mounting system
  • Exhaust rigging
  • Fluid rigging – Coolant, fuel, oil and PAS
  • Air intake system
  • Charge air and intercooler adaptors
  • FEAD guarding
  • Dry sump systems


Dry Sump Oil System

Spin UK Ltd have successfully integrated integrated vehicle based dry sump oil and generic systems for V8 / V12 high performance engines

Air Intake Systems 

Spin UK have integrated vehicle air intake systems to both test cell and test trolley mounted configurations

Engine Test 

Example Engine Test Procedure:

  • Simultaneous fluid leak tests – Fuel and coolant.
  • Simultaneous fluid priming.
  • Cold crank to build engine oil pressure and lubricate turbo’s.
  • Key on check DTC’s.
  • Engine start to idle no load.
  • Initial operator checks on running engine.
  • Operator leaves cell, closes interlocked doors.
  • Initiate engine test profile.
  • Test profile complete.
  • Operator enters test cell, engine idle no load, for engine inspection.
  • Enter fuel run down, engine stop.
  • Operator accepts or rejects engine.
  • Fluid blow down.
  • Engine de-rig and undock.

Data Recording

Utilising our bespoke, configurable control system SpinTest, we are able to monitor and log all the required data specified by our clients

  • All analogue and ECU data recorded and logged in test reports.
  • Ability to read and record live data from ECU.
  • Warnings and alarms can be configured for all analogue and ECU data channels.
  • Data can be uploaded directly to clients management systems.