It has been an extremely busy month at Spin UK Ltd!

Much of the planned pre-pandemic work has now been completed and is awaiting delivery to our clients around the world

Here are a few panels that have been tested and packed ready for a long journey to the end user in the USA. The panels are part of a global master partnership we have with our client, to provide safety systems to their plants around the world. The panels will provide a PLC based, safe entry system to restricted test facilities

To achieve a flexible safe method of control, we provide a new base PLC control system. The Spin safety system interfaces with the existing facility systems including  fire and gas monitoring, ventilation, cell facilities, master emergency stop and other test specific systems.

The Spin Safety system uses industry proven safety interlocks and key exchange products to ensure all accesses to the test facility are secured during normal test conditions

Our experience and engineering knowledge has enabled us to be able to provide zero entry systems that have greatly increased operator safety in a variety of tasks, videos of some of our solutions can be found on our YouTube channel

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