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Engine Test Environmental Management System

Huge savings in energy have been made by major engine manufacturer in the UK.

Scope of Work - Marine Industry

Complete navigation and propulsion system monitoring

Alarm signals and display (including nocturnal version)

  • Bilge/fire alarms
  • Tanks level warnings and alarms
  • Engine and Gen set refrigeration flow alarms
  • SMS alarm messages

Electrical system

  • Electrics, lights, air conditioning

Control of hydraulic system

  • Hatches, winches, jets, luffing
  • Pumps
  • Bow thrusters
  • Propeller pitch

Control of pneumatic system

  • Fuel valves, hatch seals

Fuel automation

  • Historical data graphs of fuel tank levels
  • Fuel and transfer of fuel between structural tank and day tank
  • Fuel leak signals, day tank overfill signal

Control of water

  • Fresh water, salt water, grey and black water
  • Automatic tanks discharge and transfer
  • Water maker monitoring
  • Tanks level monitoring

Acquisition and historical data

Lloyds compliance