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Engine Test Environmental Management System

Huge savings in energy have been made by major engine manufacturer in the UK.

Marine Industry

Navigation & Control System

SpinNav collects the information from the different systems on board and displays it on the computer screen.

The sensors of the yacht's different systems are connected to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which retransmits the information to a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) computer program.

The structure of the system allows various degrees of implantation, from small yachts with fewer systems to complete system monitoring of super yachts.

Using standard elements (PLCīs and SCADA programs) lengthens the life of the system, by way of facilitating any maintenance and modifications carried out. The degree to which the programs can be re-used allows an appreciable reduction of cost, even though every installation is adequately personalized according to each yacht's needs and desires.

SPIN can supply anything from a single switchboard with a PLC and a computer to a full control network and server/client network of computers for monitoring.

Usually a touch screen is used for the monitoring system. All of the monitoring functions are accessible from the main screen.

Navigation Displays.

Navigation Under Power

Will display:

  • Boat speed, course and depth data received from the NMEA bus.
  • Main engine running data.
  • Wind course
  • Vang pressure & back stay pressure etc.

Complete Tailored Solution & Project Management

Some Features

  • Complete electrical & Control system
  • Complete summary of Tanks, Fuel, Salt water, Fresh water, Grey and Black water.
  • Complete Hydraulic system, level, pressure, including management of bow thrusters.
  • Navigation display including nocturnal display of Navigation Screen
  • Summary of alarms and warnings of all systems with option of sending SMS messages to a cellular telephone
  • Acceptance trials
  • Installation on board
  • Running trials and commissioning