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Engine Test Environmental Management System

Huge savings in energy have been made by major engine manufacturer in the UK.

Host and Facility Management Systems

Features include:

  • Powerful database recording all test cell logged information
  • Comprehensive management reporting to executive format
  • Offline preparation of engine test routines and instrumentation sampling
  • Search and report configurations on all aspects of test data such as cell, shift operator, engine type, defects, trends, engine performance, etc
  • Facility and individual cell productivity, top ten fault defects and filtering, statistical analysis
  • Offline test cell configuration of all engine and test cell data and instruments, global test cell downloads
  • Full synchronisation of host to test cells in both directions
  • Import/export of data to external systems is readily available
  • SAP/Navision interface defining product build data for bill of materials and scheduling
  • Product type definitions
  • Production control with batch queries
  • Product birth history with full traceability
  • Product data files from birth history through to buy off
  • Product handling with tag or barcode scanning
  • Facility performance monitoring with SCADA based systems - see presentation

The system tool kit will allow you to configuration instruments, engine types, operator log on, shift patterns, test sequence development, data logging and many more