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May 2018 Any personal information held by Spin UK relating to suppliers and

Case Studies

Engine Test Environmental Management System

Huge savings in energy have been made by major engine manufacturer in the UK.

Automotive and Industrial

Our Scope of Work

Production Engine Test, Engine Quality Audit Test, Other Test Systems, and Facility Management Systems

Production Engine and Quality Audit Testing

Our expertise is in providing test solutions for the production process, production hot test with or without dynamometers, and production quality audit

The systems we offer are nearly always tailor made to suit the specific requirements of our customers' needs

Our systems provide easy to use solutions for minimum operator input, whilst offering comprehensive methods for ensuring productivity and quality are maintained to the highest level

Host and Facility Management Systems

  • Powerful database recording all test cell logged information
  • Comprehensive management reporting to executive format
  • Offline preparation of engine test routines and instrumentation sampling

Test Rigs

At SPIN, we can design, manufacture and commission special purpose test rigs specifically to a customer's requirements

Engineering Services and Support

This includes project management, simultaneous engineering phases, service, installation and commissioning

As part of our ISO accreditation, we provide calibration services for plant based equipment and instrumentation